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Useable over 30 hours by one-time charge
A broad range of use from various leisure activities to daily life!
We are a manufacturer specialized in automotive parts and lamps, located in Jainmyeon Gyeongsanshi Gyeongbuk.
With the slogan of safety and environment as well as the latest technology,
we have been professionally producing rechargeable industrial LED, LED for leisure and outdoor purpose for 30 years .

Company Name : Jungbok jeonjang        Address : 110-45 (Gyerimli 1-1) Industrial Complex, Jainmyeon Gyeongsangbukdo,       
Tel. +82-53-854-5600        Fax. +82-53-857-0459        E-mail.        Copyright (C) 2018 CAPRO. All Right Reserved.